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For many years I have enjoyed reading amplifier construction articles that other tube audio enthusiasts had posted online. This web site is my small contribution to the online community and my way of saying thank you. I hope that some will find it informative, and perhaps a few might be inspired to tackle a similar project themselves.

Safety Warning: Vacuum tube amplifiers and related electronic equipment commonly operate with lethal high voltages. Do not work on or attempt to repair or construct devices that use high voltages without adequate safety training. The voltages inside these amplifiers can injure, burn, or even kill you.

AA334 — Pure Class A Directly Heated Triode Monoblocks

Updated Feb. 16, 2013

I think we've all heard or read breathless accounts describing the ultimate tube (valve) sound that only single-ended triode (SET) and directly heated triode (DHT) Class A amplifiers can deliver. Vacuum tubes such as 300B, 2A3, 45, 211, 845, etc. reportedly can achieve a level of sonic perfection that cannot be matched by any other technology.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to design and build a pair of Pure Class A DHT SET monoblock amplifiers based on the esteemed 300B output tube.

Building amplifiers is a part-time activity for me, and this is my first tube amp project in four decades. If you are curious about how this little project progressed, click here or on the photo below for the rest of the story.

Future Project — W-5M Restoration

Updated Feb. 16, 2013

At one time this was a pair of Heathkit W-5M Williamson monoblocks. Yes, the output trannys are the highly desirable Peerless 16458s.

I plan to restore these amplifiers to their former glory, upgrading them to modern standards while being careful to retain their unique sonic character.

When I have time to dig into this project I will post the details here.

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